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Students seeking quality internship experiences can search this Internship Finder Service by geographical location and/or type of internship.
Students can find health and/or fitness internship postings from a wide variety of commercial health clubs, corporate fitness centers, hospitals, non-profit organizations, academic institutions and many others at:

Please be advised that students wanting information about companies coming on campus to recruit interns and full-time employees should complete their profile on BYU Bridge and upload a well prepared resume. Career Services can help you with your resume! 

Job Opportunities After Graduation

VISIT list of careers under public health,
expected pay rate, & training needed for specific jobs

If interning or networking weren't successful in your hunt for employment, try these:, a job board provided by ASPPH, APHA's Public Health CareerMart, the US Govt's job board for opportunities at federal agencies, careers page at the Nat'l Assoc of County and City Health Officials, the Job Bank as the Assoc of State and Territorial Health Officials, a job board for nonprofit org's including groups concerned with public health, career site for Environmental,Occupational Health and Safety professionals,  The American Society of Saftey Engineers website