Mentored Research Opportunities

Mentored Research
Mentored Research allows students the opportunity to gain valuable research experience in a mentoring relationship with a full-time Health Science faculty member. Students should approach the faculty member and express interest in mentored research. Students can select faculty members based on mutual research interests, or a faculty member whom they have built a good relationship with and have had as an instructor. Click on the faculty research tab to see specific research areas in which mentoring may occur.

Students should set an appointment with the faculty member and come prepared with one or two research ideas that are related to the faculty member's interest. Students may be invited to join existing research projects. Not all research projects have funding for students by the faculty member.

Some research projects may involve academic credit. If appropriate, students can register for up to 3.0 credits (or 1.0 credit up to 3 times) of Health 491R, Mentored Research under that faculty member's section number. The faculty member and student set the criteria for the research as far as hours, workload, publication, final report, etc.If you have further questions, please contact Stephanie Lutz, MS, CHES (, 801-422-1943 office or 801-830-1605 cell).

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